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Managing your time and priorities

Managing your time and priorities

This one day workshop provides the attendees with the knowledge and skills to improve their time management approach to...

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Improve your Business Writing

Improve your Business Writing

This workshop will enable you to develop an effective plan for writing business documents that communicate the message...

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Innovation in Training

Innovation in Training

We explore how the brain works and the various activities you as a facilitator can apply to maximise the learning You...

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Introduction to Training For Learning

Learning needs to be Enjoyable!

Training for Learning's team have a special way to capture our trainee's interest to ensure our training coures are memorable, with their content being absorbed in a practical way.

Ensuring our course guests leave with a sense of achievement and enthusiasm to spread their new found skills among their colleagues and team is our ultimate sense of achievement.

We train and coach people in Business; at Universities; and individuals looking for personal and career development.

We offer certified training in the following:-

  • Train the Trainer program
  • Professional Development program
  • Business Leadership program
  • Small Business Management program
  • Professional Business Capability workshops

In addition, we specialise in personal development coaching, including preparation of resumes and curriculum vitaes.

Why work with us

Emphasis is placed on making the training dynamic, fun and innovative. We have carefully chosen trainers who are excellent communicators and who have demonstrated success in their industry fields.

Equal importance is given to practical application as well as the necessary theory. Training with us is very much ‘hands on’.

We value 'student centred' learning. Our trainers recognise the life’s experiences and skills that each participant brings to the training room. Everyone is invited to contribute. Our trainers build bridges with the participants.

Training is personalised in order to best maximise the learning process. Case studies, exercises and course materials are carefully designed to meet the needs of each individual client.

Company Philosophy

The Training for Learning Company is a corporate business with heart and soul. Since 1995, the Training Organisation has offered training in trainer education, business management, retailing and photographic minilabs. The vision of our company is to offer a training facility in adult education which provides training that is:

  • Professional
  • Personalised
  • Training that transcends the ordinary