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An Investment in Quality Training

There's so much behind the scenes

People often ask why training can in some cases add up, so after reading a post by a colleague why quilts cost so much, we thought it worthwhile to look at training and why it needs to considered an investment.

It is common that the majority of the steps listed below will be incorporated into your Training course. Many happen behind the scenes but are integral a highly successful, well structured training course. The items marked in green are most often the steps directly seen by our clients. The rest happen behind the scenes.


  • Meetings with Client
  • Research of Organisation - history & policy
  • Conducting a Needs Analysis
  • Identifying Special Needs
  • Checking Venue & Equipment for Training Delivery


  • Writing & Editing the Content
  • Publishing the Workbooks
  • Writing Specific Case Studies
  • Desiging the Session Plan & Presentation

Training Delivery Days

  • Arrival & Set-up & Pack-up
  • Presenting the Session


  • Collating Participant Feedback
  • Preparing a Report for our Client
  • Follow-up on Application of the Learning
  • 3 Month Review of Results with Participants

Knowledge & Skills of a Learning and Development Trainer

  • Years of Practical Experience
  • Personal Skills Development
  • Education & Qualifications
  • Ongoing Skills Development

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