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Intermediate skills for Digital Cameras

Skills to get the WOW into your Photos

This workshop will cover more advanced skills working with your digital camera.

Bring your camera along to the class and we will work with you ensure you use the various settings to improve your image capturing techniques.

We cover areas including:

  • Digital Sensors & what they mean
  • Camera controls
  • Depth of Field / Focus
  • Use of Perspective
  • Getting the “right” exposure
  • Explain File Types (JPG/RAW)
  • Aspect ratio ... and much more.

Examples of common problems and simple ways to overcome them will be discussed, such as; composition of your photos, using flash and avoiding lens flare, to name a few.

The perennial question “should I use JPEG or RAW” is also covered.

For Businesses

This workshop can also be tailored specifically for your Business' staff photographic needs. Fine tune staff's skills to shoot ‘good’ photos that make a real difference when including them in your business sales portfolios, marketing and social media.



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Alan Logue

Photographic Educator

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Alan has worked in the photographic industry for 40+ years. His love of photography commenced at a young age and his career in shooting photos has covered several continents and a diverse range of genre. He owns & operates a specialised digital photographic lab, Hutt Street Photos, and has set up the Training Centre to provide training to those interested in photography as a hobby and a career. During the workshop, Alan shares many tips and ideas which he has applied when working in the field.