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Design & develop content and materials

Innovative content that works

This one day workshop aims to develop the content of your presentation, the presentation slides and the handbook provided to the audience.  We look at converting copious amount of information into a concise presentation, methods of establishing the real purpose of a presentation, and  ensuring the materials provided support the established purpose.  The workshop explores a range of applications to break down content and rework it to provide materials that support the objective.


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Content to engage with a lively slide show - what they need vs what you want to share

The Trainer's trainer

Catherine, author of Trainers Activity Manual and Team Leaders Activity Manual, has been applying these methodologies for 30 years.  Catherine has been National President of AITD Australian Institute of Training & Development for 4 years and served on the national board for 10 years.  She has developed manuals for the corporate sector and local government, and offers her tools and handbooks through www.teachingtools.com.au