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Create interactive resources & tools

Train with innovation

Converting heavy materials into engaging experiential resources, new concept on building your own resources  We explore a practical application which we will develop during the workshop  It is essential to make training FUN - Facilitate Understanding Naturally. Participant engagement and the opportunity to provide reinforcement will maximise the learning process. We will explore two different applications at the workshop session.

Digesting large amounts of information in a questionnaire to identify preferences can be valuable however, for those who are reading and comprehension challenged, this can be daunting. The workshop explores a more interactive way to determine the preferences and produce a fun process that is far less threatening.

The end of session review is a useful exercise to highlight the key points, and to allow reflection. For those who find retention of information challenging, this reflective sheet can provide a safety net for before returning to work. It can be used throughout the day, as well as a reflection process at the conclusion of the training. This can be adapted to most training applications.


Call no to be the best

Trainers will receive a handbook for future use when they return to work.    The activities can be converted and applied to various workplace instruments.    Participants will develop resources during the session which they can take back and use in their own training environment.

The Trainer's trainer

Catherine, author of Trainers Activity Manual, Team Leaders Activity Manual and Common Learning Styles; has been applying these methodologies for 30 years.  Catherine has been National President of AITD Australian Institute of Training & Development and served on the National board for 10 years. Her training tools have been made available now through www.teachingtools.com.au