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Resourceful PAs and EAs

skilling highly effective administrators

The aim of the one day workshop is to equip PAs and administrators with a range of techniques to enhance the administration functions. Running an office efficiently and effectively is a complex job.  Explore and learn proven methods for being more effective in managing a busy environment, personally and as business administrator. Productivity and organisation are key essentials in the role together with well executed meeting and event management. We cover effective methods in public relations to demonstrate an effective and functional office.

We cover a range of fields:Establishing Personal Time Management techniques,identifying symptoms of time management,controlling your time & time wasters, prime time and setting priorities, benefits of time utilisation, planning and management techniques, organising and managing your Work Space, being organised, developing an effective public relations environment, Information, insight and intuition, providing effective solutions.. meeting preparation., the strategic approach, minutes, agendas and planning, event management, working with a plan, the value of historical data and action planning. 




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This workshop can be conducted in-house for your business. We can break it into 2x1/2 days if that is more convenient for your time schedules.

Catherine Logue

Business Principal

Resourceful PAs and EAs