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Prepare your CV and application

Preparing your Resume, Application, Selection Criteria & Portfolio

The aim of the 3 hour workshop is to ensure you have prepared all your documents and your portfolio ready for the interview. The resume, often referred to as CV or curriculum vitae; it is your personal history book that provides the employment story for the potential employer. Industry recognised trainers take you through the steps to develop a professional skills based resume & professional application.

The workshop looks at

      • The structure that sells your history
      • What you need to include
      • What is unnecessary in your resume
      • Identifying your skills and how to transfer these to the desired job role
      • Defining the function of selection criteria
      • Develop a professional response to selection criteria
      • Identify the little things that count

Call our career consultant to make a time for the workshop.

We also offer personalised development of your resume if you are too busy to prepare it with a short application deadline.

Theresa Doyle

Business Educator CareerConsultant

Prepare your CV and application