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Managing your time and priorities

Be a high performers

This one day workshop provides the attendees with the knowledge and skills to improve their time management approach to their daily and weekly business operations. The ultimate goal being to work smarter not harder. We enable you to identify the issues that prevent effectiveness, and develop a range of techniques to better manage your time. the workshop looks at personal time management, prioritising your day, working with a system matrix and action planning the little things that make a difference.


Don't procrastinate, make a date

run a session in-house and upskill the whole team.

The ideal B2B Trainer

Catherine runs her training business, sits on the board of her family business and makes time for her favuorite charities. Her talent in business and sharing those skills in facilitation has seen her speak overseas in Los Angeles, Montreal and Las Vegas, and nationally around Australia. She has published several training texts and has designed a range of teaching tools for facilitators to utilise in their training.