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Introduction to your Camera Skills

One to one

We can work with one to one, and your camera. If you are unsure of all those buttons and dials on your digital camera and find the instruction book ttoo tedious, come in and work with us.  The purpose of this course is to encourage you to feel comfrtable using your digital camera, instead of fearing it. This workshop will familiarise you with the basics of using your digital camera. You are encouraged to bring your camera with you on the day. Your trainer will ensure you feel comfortable with the unique features of your camera when you complete the workshop.

We cover topics such as Flash Settings, Photography Tips, Using the Self-Timer, how to Delete Photos, Reviewing your Photos,         Caring for Memory Cards and tips and caring for your camera.


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we are happy to work with you one to one here at Hutt St. Call us for an appointment time.

Don Mcleod

Photographic Educator Resume Consultant

Introduction to your Camera Skills