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Interview Skills

The aim of this 3 hour workshop is to provide you with the skills and knowledge to prepare for a successful and satisfying interview.

The fileds covered during the workshop are:


š The steps to successful interviews

š Tips for attending the job interview.

š Practical application & video case study for panel interviews

š Establishing the requirements of a panel interview

š Establishing the questions you can ask.

š Developing responses to questions you may be asked.

š Preparation and planning for success and opportunities.

š Practical application through a ‘mock’ interview

The benefit for attending this workshop means you are prepared for the interview process, have an understanding the panel interview process and develop a set of steps to follow in your preparation.


phone and speak with us today.

We can conduct this workshop for your team in-house, or can offer you a one to one workshop to help your preparation.

For one to one clients we can also offer a mock interview just prior to your interview appointment to help in your final stage of preparation.

Theresa Doyle

Business Educator CareerConsultant

Interview Skills