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Basic skills to use your digital camera

Learn to love your camera

The purpose of this short course is to encourage you to love using your digital camera, instead of fearing it. This workshop covers  a range of skills and techniques in using and caring for the digital camera. You are asked to bring your camera along and work with the facilitator  to improve your image taking skills. This workshop is suitable for owners of Compact Digital Cameras and those with DSLRs who want to brush up on the basics. Examples of common problems and simple ways to overcome them will be discussed in this two hour workshop.


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Don Mcleod

Photographic Educator Resume Consultant

Photography Facilitator

The owrkshop is presented by Don McLeod. He  has worked in the photographic industry for over 30 years.  His experience and enjoyment of photography will provide participants with many useful tips and ideas. Don is proficient both behind the camera and in the photo lab. He has been developing photos from film and digital cameras, and is experienced with the specialty field of black and white photography. Don holds his the Diploma of VET and Diploma of Training Design and Development.