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Art of Mentoring & Coaching

Handled well, it can be a rewarding process for both people involved.

We identify and explore the skills to mentor and/or coach team members. The focus is to strengthen the understanding and role of the mentor in the workplace.

The mentor can offer the mentoree advice, knowledge, resources, networking and empowerment on their growth and career development. The mentoring function can be a formal structured process or one which is an informal arrangement between two people. 

 During the workshop we cover a range of fields including appreciation of the benefits of mentoring, understand the role of an effective mentor, building rapport and creating  suitable environment, determining how different people learn, establishing the individual needs of the mentoree, how to give appropriate feedback and practice reflective listening. 

Areas such as setting effective action plans, avoiding barriers to learning, handling resistance to constructive feedback and     demonstrating mentor applications  in a realistic setting will help develop the performance of the mentor undertaking this  fromal role.


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Mentoring is a rewarding opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise.

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For our SE South Australian clients, we have a redient mentor in Mt Gambier

Catherine Logue

Business Principal

Art of Mentoring & Coaching