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Understanding & appreciating different communication styles

working with MBTI

This provides you with a better understanding of how different people communicate in the workplace. A ‘big picture’ view of the diversity of personalities using the MBTI framework which has been based on the Type study by Carl Jung. MBTI assists you and others  to identify strengths and unique gifts. It helps you understand yourself as well as those around you. We identify your personal profile, analyse a report on your profile and explore some fundamental differences that are experienced every day.


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Catherine Logue

Business Principal

The B2B educator that gets results

Catherine runs her training business, sits on the board of the family business and makes time for her favourite charities, SA Dog Rescue and Rotary Foundation. Her talent in business and facilitation has seen her speak overseas in Los Angeles, Montreal and Las Vegas, and nationally around Australia. Catherine has served on the National AITD board for 10 years.  Her reputation as a business educator has seen her work with corporate sector, government, local government and tertiary institutions.