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Leadership Forum for today's world

A Four Day Intensive where you can expect to grow your leadership knowledge and intelligence dramatically.

Explore the practical path to leadership, harnessing the best plans for effective prioritisation, the hidden ingredient for effective workplace relations and the power of service to increase productivity.

Day  1 The Practical Path To Leadership - in a changing world, where leadership skills make the difference, the application of emotional intelligence to build the team and promote team effectiveness, demonstrating leadership in the workplace is vital.  

Day 2 The best plans for effective prioritisation - Using case studies and real examples to understand the importance of operational plans and developing work priorities, and managing important safety issues, 

Day 3     The Hidden Ingredients For Effective Workplace Relationships - a hands-on approach to building client and team relationships and establishing effective workplace relations, involving healthy communication & networking

Day 4     The Power of Service to increase productivity - Understanding how leadership impacts on the level of service people receive is one of the most effective ways of building revenue, keeping clients, and maximising staff satisfaction.


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