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As we travel through life we cross the paths of many people, I count myself incredibly lucky to have cross paths with Catherine Logue. She lives and runs her business in Adelaide South Australia, but her reputation and skills in training and mentoring are respected and admired by her peers all over the globe.


She is one of those special people who have the gift of being able to instill self belief and enthusiasm in all those around her. Catherine stands head and shoulders above all others in her field. Her passion and commitment to her chosen field set her apart .Her ability to interact with all people, no matter what their ability or background is truly inspiring to watch.


Catherine gains her results by using a mix of compassion and years of experience and an unshakeable belief in everyone's individual ability. This combined with her always positive attitude to every thing and every body and her obvious genuine interest in every person's individual needs. These traits and hard work and dedication have put Catherine deservedly at the pinnacle of her profession. Her approachability and openness make her a mentor in every sense of the word, from first time student to qualified trainers.


We as South Australians are so lucky that Catherine has chosen Adelaide as her base. To have this incredible committed business woman in our community is not only a huge boost to our young but a huge advantage to our wider business sector.


Yours truly,


Kym Sutherland.

General Manager of Beachport Corporation P/L

& Sutherlands Livestock Selection a division of Khrisym P/L


Professional and Continuing Education offers short courses for professional and personal development via a public program and tailored training courses. PCE contracts with skilled, professional consultants and facilitators for specific subject areas, who need to have practical, hands-on experience and expertise in adult learning principles.


Catherine Logue first became a consultant/presenter to Professional and Continuing Education in 1996 and continues to be a highly effective, motivated professional in all her dealings with PCE. Catherine is very client focussed, offering very successful, engaging public programs and ensuring that she understands client needs in the tailored training that we are contracted to provide.


Catherine has a broad range of skills as a presenter, extending her knowledge and skills through ongoing involvement in professional development. Catherine is creative and entrepreneurial, while seeking to nurture the development of students, clients and the training profession. Catherine's involvement in her family business provides her with practical experience of current business issues and this contributes to her effectiveness as a presenter, since she is able to draw on real life examples for the courses she presents. Catherine is flexible and adaptable in responding to client needs and highly affirming of participants so that they develop skills and confidence during their training.


I wish Catherine every success in her nomination for the Telstra Business Woman Award.


Catherine Mcmahon

Program Manager Professional Education


All Attendance Objectives were satisfied. In addition I came away with numerous ideas for creative training, the techniques of which I can now adapt for our training needs.


A well structured, good value ($595/3 days) training course with highly qualified and creative trainers. A course well placed and relevant to the current small business and corporate environment.


Principles covered include Adult learning/How adults learn best, The role of the Trainer, Creative Training Techniques, The training process (structure, planning, delivery), Objective setting, Evaluation, and Training Administration.


A friendly training environment and an abundance of hands-on activities and practical exercises make this course a must for trainers with little or moderate experience levels.


Processes and techniques discussed are the prerequisites for any trainer given the task of training adults for business or non-profit organisations.


Josephine Crockett

Professional Services Pharmacist 


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